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Arts 4 Dementia
Empowering people with dementia through the arts

Our Mission

To work in partnership with existing agencies to inspire and re-energise people living with dementia in the community, to bring fulfilment to their lives - and provide opportunities for quality time with their carers and loved ones - through engagement with their chosen art form.


- Arts 4 Dementia believes that people living with dementia in the community - like the rest of us - have the right to enjoy life to the full.


- People's artistic and imaginative responses can remain strong for years after the onset of dementia.


- Engagement with arts brings benefits both for those with dementia and to their loved ones through sharing such experiences.


- Through our work with other agencies, Arts 4 Dementia is spreading the word and facilitating high quality arts events so that families, rather than just having to cope, can help to transform the lives of their loved ones.

What We do

We liaise with arts organisations, theatres, artists, musicians, art workshop facilitators, memory and care teams, and other agencies the Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK, Dementia UK Dementia Pathfinders to set up and facilitate creative projects at arts venues, for individuals affected by dementia, their families and companions/carers and with leading arts and dementia specialists to facilitate the spread of best practice. 

The Arts 4 Dementia website provides a platform and diary of opportunities for families with dementia at arts venues nationwide. 


The Problem

"Dementia is one of the biggest challenges our society faces" (Care Services Minister Paul Burstow)


Some 800,000 people in England and Wales, 64,000 Londoners, have been diagnosed with dementia a degenerative brain disorder of which the most common form is Alzheimer’s Disease. Two-thirds live at home for up to a dozen years, struggling with increasing loss of memory, which they are desperate to retain, anxiety and isolation by the perceived stigma surrounding dementia. The stress on them, their partners, families and professional carers is intense.


Artistic Stimulation Empowers People Living with Dementia - Maximises Brain Function

"Engaging in arts activity empowers people living with dementia, and enriches life for them and those around them" (Dr Natalie Ryan, Dementia Research Centre, University College London).


Arts 4 Dementia (A4D) was founded by Veronica Franklin Gould to fill a vital gap in dementia care, to help develop and co-ordinate artistic opportunities to re-energise and inspire people in the early stages of dementia, to provide quality time for them, their families and carers.


Finding Us

Charlwood Road
SW15 1PE