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Privacy Policy

We aim to help our subscribers understand how and why we collect your organisations or your personal information and what we do with this information. This notice explains the decision that you can make about the information we hold
For purposes of this notice "you" in this notice includes your organisation and you (individual).

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that identifies you as an individual and relates to you. This includes your contact details.

How and Why we use your personal information.

Below are examples of the different ways in which we use personal information and where this information comes from. Whilst the majority of information you provide to us is on a voluntary basis some of it is may be mandatory i.e. booking onto training events etc. In order to comply with data protection law, we will inform you when you have a choice in this. Our main reason for using your personal information is to provide information and services to you.

We obtain information about you in the following ways:

  • Entry onto our multi lingual community directory. We provide a free listing space for you to publicise your services to the general public, local authority and public commissioners, and other voluntary organisations. You will be given a secure password to access your listing at any time and to make any relevant changes, and to add and delete entries.
  • E bulletin subscription. We provide a free ebulletin throughout the year which gives information on our services, booking information for our training and the services of other organisations together with funding news and articles that we feel may be of interest to you.
  • Email notices. From time to time we may email you with a special interest item. This may be priority access to forthcoming training etc.
  • Booking forms. When booking onto our training events you will be asked to provide information regarding contact details. We use Eventbrite for the majority of our bookings and for payment purposes. Lifetimes does not accept credit card payments directly.
  • Financial information. When you enter into a purchase contract for our services you will be sent an invoice and your information will be entered onto our accounts system.
  • Volunteer brokerage. As part of our past volunteer brokerage services and the current service provided via Care4me, you will provide us with information regarding either the volunteer placement you wish to advertise or the placement that you would like to be considered for.
  • Specialist events/services. You may attend or have attended one of our many specialist events and provided your contact details as part of your participation.

Sharing personal information with third parties

In accordance with our legal obligations, we may share statistical information with the local authorities and funders. However we would not disclose individual records and contact details to any third party unless they were carefully selected advisors assisting us in fulfilling our obligations to help run our services i.e. ICT contractors. and, only if this was relevant to their work or if there was a requirement for us to disclose to other government bodies i.e. HMRC, charity commission etc.

Our legal grounds for using your information:

This section contains information about the legal basis that we are relying on when handling your information.

Legitimate interests

This means that the processing is necessary for legitimate interests except where the processing is unfair to you. Lifetimes Charity relies on legitimate interests for most of the ways in which it uses your information. Lifetimes charity has a legitimate interest in :

  • Providing information, bespoke services and educational services to you
  • Promoting the aims and objects of the charity to you.
  • Ensuring that all relevant and legal obligations of the charity are complied with.


We may ask for your consent to use your information in certain ways. If we ask for your consent to use your personal information you can withdraw this consent at any time. Any use of your information before you withdraw remains valid.

How long do we keep your information:

In line with the new GDPR and previous Data Protection rulings, we will only keep your information as long as we feel it is relevant, we will only keep information that is needed for us to provide services to you and you have the right to ask us to delete your information at any time.

What decisions can you make about your information

From May 2018 data protection legislation gives you a number of rights regarding your information. Some of these rights build on your existing rights and are as follows:

  • If information is incorrect you can ask us to correct it
  • You can also ask what information we hold about you and be provided with a copy. We will also give you extra information such as why we use this information about you, where it came from and what types of people we have sent it to
  • You can ask us to delete the information that we hold about you in certain circumstances. E.g. where we no longer need the information
  • You can ask us to send you, or another organisation, certain types of information about you in a format that can be ready by computer
  • Our use of information about you may be restricted in some cases. For example, if you tell us that the information is inaccurate we can only use it for limited purposes while we check its accuracy
  • You can object to direct marketing, although we never sell your information to any third parties for direct marketing purposes or other reason.
  • Claim compensation for damages caused by breach of data protection regulations. If you consider that we have not acted properly when using your personal information, then please contact us so that we can investigate your claim. If you feel that we have not looked into your complaint correctly you can contact the Information Commissioner's